J-HUB Goals

Short-Term Goals:
  1. To seed innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in all the engineering graduates of the university.
  2. Develop in graduates knowledge, understanding and skills from different disciplines to design and create products impacting the quality of the graduates coming out of the university.
  3. Identify brilliant ideas and support translation of such ideas to successful products.
Long Term Goals:
  1. To incubate tech-enterprises out of research findings that will promote technological innovation.
  2. Collaborate and co-work with relevant stakeholders on innovation and entrepreneurship development for tech-enterprises.
  3. Develop a complete innovation eco-system to build in students entrepreneurial confidence and incubate tech-startups.
  4. To become the focal point for tech-solutions and tech enterprises.
  5. To attain Self-Sufficiency in conducting all activities planned in J-Hub